Nr 4/2018

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Jolanta Miluska, Justyna Kuświk, Beata Pająk-Patkowska
Political Activity of Women and Men – the Psychosocial Determinants of Conventional Political Activity

Marzena Cichosz, Łukasz Tomczak
Implementation of the Quota System in the Regional Assembly Elections: the Analysis of Electoral Results in the Context of Women’s Epresentation on Electoral Lists

Przemysław ŻUKIEWICZ, Mateusz ZIELIŃSKI, Katarzyna DOMAGAŁA
Social Network Analysis as a research method in political science. An attempt to use it in coalition research

Nataliia Holubiak
The effect of new technologies on civic participation models

Mikołaj Tomaszyk
Participation of city residents in the ongoing activities of public transportation providers

Mykola Polovyi
A forecast of international migration flows into EU countries until 2050

Wojciech Nowiak, Andrzej Stelmach
The cultural and social assimilation of immigrants, and systemic solutions – Poles in Norway and Ukrainians in Poland in the light of comparative research

Krzysztof Żarna
Towards authoritarianism. Internal situation in the Slovak Republic (1994–1998)

Anna Sakson-Boulet
The State of Air in the European Union and Quality of Europeans’ Life

Victor Lux Tonn , Chen Wendian, Hsi C. Li
National Income, Strategic Discontinuity, and Converging Trajectories of Macroeconomic Policy Initiatives: An Empirical Study of China

Máté Szabó
The Regional Development of Democratization and Civil Society: Transition, Consolidation, Hybridization, Globalization – Taiwan and Hungary

Chien-Jung HSU
China’s influence on Taiwan’s media and politics

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