Review procedure and list of reviewers

  1. The Editorial Board of the Przegląd Politologiczny carries out a preliminary verification of submitted texts to examine their relevance for the profile of the periodical and conformity to editorial requirements.
  2. Texts that have been initially approved are submitted for reviews by two reviewers listed as collaborators of the Editorial Board. If a text is written in a foreign language, one of the reviewers is affiliated with an institution abroad. The names of the reviewers of individual texts are not disclosed.
  3. The principle of anonymity is observed in the review process with respect to the author and the reviewers (double-blind review process).
  4. The reviewers evaluating the text fill in a review form. The form is available from the website of the periodical.
  5. Detailed review principles of papers are in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science published in the booklet Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce [Good practices in academic review procedures].
  6. The periodical “Political Science Review” has introduced procedures necessary to eliminate cases of “ghostwriting” and “guest authorship”. Authors are obliged to assure that copyrights of third parties have not been breached. All authors are also obliged to assure that their articles are original works and have not been published, submitted, or accepted elsewhere in any form.

Lista recenzentów

  1. Roman Bäcker
  2. Maciej Drzonek
  3. David Duenas-Cid
  4. Aleksandra Gasztold
  5. Tomasz Herzog
  6. Jarosław Jańczak
  7. Marta Jas-Koziarkiewicz
  8. Elżbieta Kużelewska
  9. Alina Kaszku
  10. Izbela Kapsa
  11. Dorota Kowalewska
  12. Artur Kopka
  13. Krzysztof Koźbiał
  14. Óscar Garcia Luengo
  15. Andrzej Mania
  16. Maria Marczewska – Rytko
  17. Mira Malczyńska-Biały
  18. Mirosław Natanek
  19. Martinas Malužinas
  20. Marek Rewizorski
  21. Alicja Stępień-Kuczyńska
  22. Rafał Ożarowski
  23. Jacek Wojnicki
  24. Arkadiusz Żukowski
  25. Krzysztof Żarna